“When Drumlin Ridge Winery initially approached Foxhaus Creative to design our wine label, we were not familiar with all of the level of detail and decisions involved in such a task. Foxhaus was able to communicate and convey information necessary to create what we agree to be a unique label for our wine. The benefit of working with Foxhaus has been the ease of developing our label all the way from start to finish. We would like to thank Micah for the positive attitude that he displayed towards designing our label to perfection. Overall, Foxhaus is extremely detailed and a pleasure to deal with. Drumlin Ridge Winery would highly recommend Foxhaus Creative to anyone who is looking for creative and professional design.”
~ David Korb, Owner, Drumlin Ridge Winery

“I sought out Foxhaus Creative because I trusted them not to laugh at my crazy ideas and to listen to me despite the fact that my project was unconventional. I sent Foxhaus a crappy iPhone photo of a scribbled mess that I hand drew with pencil and crayon but wanted to envision for my brand desperately. Somehow, Foxhaus managed to turn my scribble into a sexy, clean, flashy, and powerful piece of art that didn't compromise on my own vision but brought it to life. My coworkers thought I was a genius, but the credit goes to Foxhaus in listening to me and helping me develop a brand personality that was sexy and sellable. I would recommend Foxhaus Creative without a doubt for any project whether large or small... you will be heard and your dreams will become art!”
~ Alexis Schrubbe, Producer/Host, SlavTalk Radio at UT-Austin

“Foxhaus created a beer bottle label that I gave as a gift to my husband for his home brewed beer and wine. Not only was he professional, timely and reasonable... he took a vague concept idea and made it something very special. I was blown away by his creativity and his spot on interpretation of what I was looking for. He exceeded my expectations in every way and I'm so pleased!”
~ Joanna Shupryt, Awesome Gift-Giver

“Micah’s passion and expertise were apparent from the minute we started working together. His skills go far beyond design. Not only did he meet all my deadlines, but he was really fun to work with. He was able to articulate what I wanted better than I could imagine it. Working with Foxhaus is a no brainer for anyone that is serious about their business.”
~ Rey Castellenos, Owner, Feed Your Wolf

“Foxhaus does fantastic design work. Micah designed a logo for my business that I frequently get compliments on. I’m not the creative type, so I gave him some general ideas about what I was looking for, and one of his sketches was almost exactly what I wanted. He was very willing to make adjustments and fine tune it so the final product was exactly what I wanted. I highly recommend his work.”
~ Patrick Fosdick, President, MSSC

“Micah took my books to a whole new level. The covers are much more eye-catching. They perfectly convey the tone of the narrator and the mood of the stories. I recently participated in a California Author’s Booth and know that my books and the poster that Micah designed drew readers to my table. In addition to the initial two book covers, Micah also redesigned my website, my business cards and other promotional material. I will be calling on Foxhaus for cover designs for the rest of the books in my current series, as well as covers for other books in the planning stages, and the promotional materials that go along with them. Micah is thoughtful, talented, and a great collaborator. I give him my highest recommendation.”
~ Susan Hart Snyder, Author

“Micah is a superb graphic designer and a creative genius. As Vice Commodore of the Hoofer Sailing Club, I relied on Micah to create, design, and produce quality graphics to advertise our many different events and initiatives. He is also a prolific designer, managing an extraordinary amount of projects at once, but never losing sight of the deadlines you may have for your particular project.”
~ Michelle Czarnecki, VC, Hoofer Sailing Club

“Micah is a talented, innovative graphic artist who understands the need to provide his contribution on a timely basis, and has a solid understanding of the target audience who he is communicating to.”
~ Rick Pawlak, VP Sales & Marketing, LifelineUSA