How To Speak Designer illustration

How to Speak Designer: Part 1 – Typography

Published January 21st, 2014    Written & illustrated by Micah Kearns

Your budding business needs an eye-catching professional logo, business cards that get noticed, marketing materials that look better than the competitions, and swag that potential… Read More >

Beer Label Requirements image

Federal Beer Labeling Requirements

Published December 20th, 2013    Written by Micah Kearns

So you’ve brewed your own beer for awhile, your batches are getting larger and larger, and it’s been tasting pretty damn good. People are starting to ask if you’re going to sell it anywhere… Read More >

Lorem Ipsum image

9 Amazing Lorem Ipsum Generators

Published November 20th, 2013    Written by Micah Kearns

‘Lorem ipsum’ is placeholder text (sometimes called dummy text) that’s used in the printing industry. A designer uses it to reserve space for written content while they are laying out a design such as… Read More >

Hungry Hungry HIPAA illustration

Hungry Hungry HIPAA

Published June 5th, 2013    Written & illustrated by Micah Kearns

Health care providers had better watch out. There’s a beast lurking in the shadows waiting for a slip up, and then it’ll pounce and gobble up thousands, or even millions of dollars of your money… Read More >

ATM Security illustration

ATM Security & The $40,000,000 Mistake

Published May 28th, 2013    Written & illustrated by Micah Kearns

One of the largest cyber-crimes in history happened recently in February, when an international ring of hackers stole $40 million by conducting 36,000 ATM transactions in 24 countries. After the hackers… Read More >